Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Change of Color

So, I just had my interview for the job in Japan with Westgate. I was SO nervous about it last night that I think that I was mean to Guillaume. Oooops! Especially since he thought up some great questions to help me prepare. Quite a few of which I was actually asked today. Which means that, technically, I was well prepared.
I do hope it went well, but honestly, I have NO IDEA!!!!!!!! There were times when I thought she was totally liking my responses and then others when I thought she was totally NOT into what I was saying at all. Oh well. She said I should have a response by the end of July, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Although I gather that the end of July response will be to tell me that they want me to come in September, which I'm just not gonna do.

Okay, now on to other things.

TODAY is hair dying day! YAY!
Now, I am going to go exercise and then die my hair and then post the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of my hair. Hopefully the dying will go well, and it will be beautiful!

This is the BEFORE picture of my hair

Notice how it's all brown with a little blond. The blond is what I'm going for. Now, to dye the hair!!!!

These are the AFTER pictures

Okay, so it didn't quite go as well as I had hoped for. Sure, the blond is pink, but it's a sort of washed out pink. I mean, seriously, it looks like it's already fading. Maybe sometime later this week I will try again to redye just the blond parts. It's cool because in the sun my hair sort of gleams with a pink undertone.

Looking at these pictures is scary, though. I can't help but notice how much older than my years I look because of the ridiculous dark circles under my eyes.

So yesterday, I saw one of the WORST movies that I have ever in my life seen. It's called Sheitan (which is the Arab word for Satan, which is what it is called in English), and I absolutely do NOT recommend it to anyone. I give it a whopping 0 STARS! Seriously, it's even worse than Babel was. And all of the critics that I keep reading about it keeping talking about how hilarious and horrifying it was. I just don't get it. It was SO DUMB that I don't understand how anyone could have laughed even once in the entire movie. All of the characters were lame, and never once did I feel horrified or even remotely afraid. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! I'm not kidding.

Oh, and don't forget to check out . I haven't posted a lot yet, but for the time being, I am really enjoying it!

2 things said:

kristen said...

why do you think that they want you for september? did you tell them you only want the other session? and i like your hair! and be nice to guillaume!

Spiggy said...

Now that I am forbidden from dying my hair any unnatural color, I must live vicariously through your hair. Therefore, I do hereby formally request a redying at your earliest convenience.

Yay for Japan =)